Judicial Review – the power of the judiciary to review and potentially invalidate the actions and passed legislation of the executive and legislative powers. It is a common feature of most western democracies. Historically, its spread in Europe has been the reaction of post-War administrations to the power excesses and human rights violations of past regimes. In many countries it is therefore seen as one of the most legitimate actions within the political system by the public. When I was a ten year old girl my mother studied law and after school on Tuesdays I came along to attend the lectures on German constitutional law with her (for her, it was either take her child along or pay a babysitter – I learnt Latin the same way). I was hooked – utterly and absolutely by this fascinating miasma of law and politics, the fairytale we create and the reality we try to analyse. So, since then I have written every school project, university paper, masters dissertation I could about an aspect of judicial review. No one was surprised when I decided to concentrate on it in my research as well … phd image This website shares some of the ideas, discussions, results and musings to the topic.